JAICP. Voice bots

Focus on the development of voice bots and don’t worry about the rest. We’ve made sure you have all the right tools for your projects

  • SIP
  • Interruption
  • Callback
  • API
  • Reports
    and statistics

All tools in one cloud platform

You can develop, publish, host and scale voice projects in a single environment


Generative infrastructure

Outbound campaigns and processing of incoming calls at any scale.

  • Up to 1000 concurrent calls
  • Easy setup of any SIP channels: cloud providers, office PBX and complex solutions for contact centers
  • All solution components are linearly scalable and reserved
  • The ability to deploy infrastructure in our cloud or on-premise and configure integration with your telephony: Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, and any other
More about SIP setup

Call management

​​Ready-formed call processing logic.

  • Calls planner: setting call priorities, flexible scheduling, callbacks
  • Automatic calls for trigger events from CRM and other external systems
  • Telephony management via API
  • Attention to the time zones of customers, their requests to callback, SMS
  • Call transfer to the contact center agent: automatically or at the request of the client
  • Ready-formed logic of reaction to the answering machine — the voice bot can leave a message or end the call
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NLU core

CAILA, a built-in NLU service, improves the accuracy of intent recognition and the speed of processing logs. Advanced algorithms for processing queries in natural language are already built into the core based on machine learning technologies, rule-based approaches, semantic and morphological analysis.

  • NLU is integrated into the scripting language
  • Automated markup of dialogs for classifier
  • Managing selections and the entity base through the API
  • Client entities
  • Integration with your NLU implementation: intents, entities, preprocessing
More about CAILA


Managing the bot's reaction to interruptions so that it sounds like a human: train it to keep talking or pause to hear out the customer.

  • Programmable logic of reaction to interruptions — the bot realizes it was interrupted, so it repeats the entire sentence or part of it
  • The bot may not respond to signs of active listening, such as "aha", "mhm", "ahem", "well-well" and other interjections
More about barge-in

Analytics and statistics

  • Ability to add new wordings to the classifier from the history of dialogues
  • Tracking the achievement of dialogue goals
  • A/B scenario testing
  • Statistics on the number of unique users, messages and sessions over time by channels
  • Availability of customized reports
  • Integration with BI systems
More about analytics

Full cycle development environment

JAICP provides a web environment for the development and support of dialogue scripts. The script and NLU logic is described in easy and readable JAICP DSL code that is extensible to JavaScript. The developer has complete control over all stages of request and context processing.

  • Event-driven contextual dialogue model
  • Code versioning in Git
  • Automated logic and NLU tests
  • Data processing, computation and integration using JavaScript inserts
More about DSL


Test the bot before publishing to make sure telephony operates smoothly.

  • Ready to build CI/CD processes
  • Git integration and code versioning
  • Code validation
  • Automated tests written by a developer
  • Publishing bots after passing all tests
More about testing

Develop with Kotlin

Create complex scripts in the free open-source JAICF framework, and trust JAICP with hosting and configuring telephony. You can write code in Kotlin and Java, activate arbitrary libraries, use suitable debugging, extend notations and integrate with external systems.

Example of JAICF voice bot

Useful stuff

Build call bots with JAICP

The JAICP-powered bot will improve work with incoming calls

And will eliminate the problem of lost calls due to a long waiting time

Engage in 10,000 conversation topics

The CAILA NLU core classifier will let you train the bot on various topics so that it fully understands the speech and customers’ intentions

Transfer the call to the agent

The bot will realize the complexity of the question and transfer the call to the agent or to a specific department

Find information

A smart virtual assistant will turn to an external system during a call to find information and instantly answer the customer

Listen like a human

The bot will ignore such interjections as "aha" or "mhm” and will flexibly respond to interruption

Boost conversion

Add background noise to create a call center vibe, as if the person is talking to an agent

Strengthen infrastructure

Set up any SIP channels to ensure a strong connection under any load

And it will do an excellent job with outbound calls

The voice bot will call customers in the right order for you and at a convenient time for them

Match customers’ needs

Launch API calls, set up a flexible schedule and controlled callbacks when it is convenient for the client to call

Won't call at night

The bot takes into account the time zones of customers and calls them strictly at a convenient time.

Maintain confidence

Customers may not even realize that they are talking to a robot, as the call imitates the real contact center noise

Recognize the answering machine

The robot will know when there is another robot answering the call on the other end of the line. It can leave a message or end the call

Hear interruptions

The bot will know when it is being interrupted and will be able to immediately answer or skip the interjections of active listening

Provide statistics

The voice bot will add statistics to dashboards, which will allow you to learn more about the calls and improve customer service



For development and prototyping

Full platform access

Resources for 100 minutes of calls (NLU, ASR, TTS) every month

Option to purchase additional packages of minutes and traffic


For commercial use

Option to install in the circuit

Priority technical and content support

Contract-based payment

14 days free

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