Just AI Conversational Platform

JAICP is a full-stack environment for building chat and voice-based projects of any complexity: virtual assistants, voice skills, AI-powered calls and bots

Phone bots beat agents’ performance

Create virtual assistants and agents to process inbound and outbound calls that can score better results than human agents:

  • hybrid synthesis with Just AI voice over actors;
  • Call center noise;
  • script-driven interrupt handling;
  • analytics of call campaign effectiveness and A/B experiments;
  • built-in speech recognition and synthesis in all languages (Google, Azure, Reverie, and others).
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Full cycle integrated development environment

JAICP contains a WEB environment for the development and support of dialogue scripts. The script and NLU logic are described in an easy and readable DSL code that is extensible with JavaScript. The developer has complete control over all stages of request and context processing.

  • Event-driven contextual dialogue model.
  • Code versioning in Git.
  • Automated logic and NLU tests.
  • Data processing, computation and integration using JavaScript inserts.
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Implement complex logic in Kotlin

Develop and debug complex scripts in Kotlin. Combine development flexibility and complete control over the execution with the infrastructure that JAICP provides.

  • Autocompletion - IDEA, together with JAICF and Kotlin's static typing, suggests available methods and data formats.
  • Local development on your own server with full control over logs and execution debugging.
  • Integrate Java libraries and best practices: jUnit, Spring Framework, MongoDB, etc.
  • Build your own CI/CD pipeline.
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Multilingual bots and NLU core

Built-in CAILA NLU service speeds up the development of bots, increases the accuracy of intent recognition and the speed of processing logs. Advanced algorithms for processing queries in natural language are built into the core based on machine learning technologies, rule-based approach, semantic and morphological analysis.

  • NLU is integrated into the scripting language.
  • Automated markup of dialogues for the classifier.
  • Managing selections and the entity base through the API.
  • Client entities.
  • Integration with your NLU implementation (intents, entities, preprocessing).
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Generative telephony infrastructure

Launch outbound call campaign and process inbound calls at any scale:

  • Up to 1000 simultaneous calls;
  • Automatic calls after triggering events in external systems (CRM, etc.);
  • Call scheduling and call back at the request of the subscriber;
  • Telephony management via API.
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20+ channels for publishing a bot

The ability to integrate with the most popular messengers, operator channels, voice assistants, external business systems, applications (RPA) and API.

  • Ready-to-go integrations make it easy to set up channels
  • Transfer the dialogue to the agent at the request of the subscriber or automatically if the bot does not understand the user
  • Use a bot as a prompter to improve agents’ efficiency
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Detailed statistics and analytics to monitor performance

  • Ability to add new phrases to the classifier from the history of dialogues
  • Tracking the achievement of dialogue goals
  • Statistics on the number of unique users, messages and sessions over time by channel
  • Integration with BI systems
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No risks of data breach

We comply with information security standards. We regularly conduct external audits of code and infrastructure security. You can assign and restrict rights to users and groups using a role-based access and control model.

Manage all elements of the script in a visual builder

You have full control over complex scripts. A quick search and editing of bot reactions are available without involving developers. The changes made will be synchronized between the visual builder and the code.


Reliable, secure, and scalable service with declared SLA. Several geographically distributed data centers.


Various hardware configurations to match a certain load pattern. High-load adopted architecture - single instance performs 400rps and 10M MAU. Horizontal scaling & load balancing capabilities.

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Meet your biggest challenges with Conversational AI solutions

Voice assistants for any channel

AI assistants for internal business operations

Chatbot consultants for messengers and websites

Voice content for smart devices and robots

HR bots for recruiting and onboarding

Virtual agents for contact centers

Interactive voice skills for smart speakers

AI-powered IVR and prompter bots

What can you do with JAICP

Virtual assistant for contact centers

  • Takes the load off first-line operators and customer support agents
  • Handles incoming calls – sometimes with intelligent IVR
  • Boosts FCR and NPS
  • Accesses internal systems to provide personalized data to clients
  • Asks clarifying questions, keeping the context of the initial request
  • Recognizes both short answers ("yes/no", numbers) and fluent speech with slang, abbreviations, synonyms, and semantically close phrases
  • Increases Self Service Rate, helping users solve problems on their own
  • Transfers calls to a human agent. Offers prompts and hints to human agents based on the context of the conversation
  • Keeps customer interaction history

AI phone bot for inbound and outbound calls

  • Voice bot with CRM / ERP integrations
  • 24/7 availability
  • Boosts FCR and NPS
  • Offers new services to subscribers, making 1,000 concurrent calls
  • Can use personalization, e.g. addressing customers by name
  • Synthesizes human-like speech based on pre-recorded audio
  • Recognizes both short answers ("yes/no", numbers) and fluent speech with slang, abbreviations, synonyms, and semantically close phrases
  • Changes the course of conversation depending on customer response
  • Records customer interactions, transcribes speech to text
  • Stores data for each step of the sales funnel, enabling to analyze bounces and improve bot scenario

HR-bot and recruiter bots

  • Provides real-time job listing updates
  • Recognizes new and returning applicants
  • Helps users register and authorize by phone number
  • Schedules job interviews with successful candidates and sends them invitations
  • Conducts primary interviews with job seekers
  • Tells about employer company, work conditions, job requirements, and more
  • Asks filter questions and ranks candidates using the machine learning algorithm
  • Creates a summary of candidates’ responses
  • Emails summaries to HR managers
  • Consults current employees on documents, vacations, days off, work procedures, and other routines

Voice assistant skill

  • Allows for a variety of user interaction strategies: on-the-road companion skill for a car company; kitchen helper skill for a culinary studio; speech therapy voice skill
  • Supports demand generation campaigns and product launches
  • Answers questions, plays quizzes, and quests, shares curious facts about the company and products
  • Recognizes both short answers ("yes/no", numbers) and fluent speech with slang, abbreviations, synonyms, and semantically close phrases

Zendesk first-line support bot

  • Acts as a first-line support agent
  • Integrates with internal Zendesk system, processes user email requests
  • Understands context, identifies the client's problem by scanning emails’ subject and body
  • Transfers requests to human agents, when struggling to answer
  • Recognizes both short answers ("yes/no", numbers) and fluent speech with slang, abbreviations, synonyms, and semantically close phrases
  • Identifies names, answers questions about specific products and services
  • Keeps a record of requests’ topics

Online shopping bot and delivery service bot

  • Looks for menu items in a structured catalog
  • Suggests related and similar products
  • Provides prices and product details, links, and images
  • Answers FAQs about brand and company
  • Takes and cancels orders, makes changes to the shopping cart
  • Remembers customer’s geolocation and contacts
  • Shows the nearest offices, restaurants, and pick-up points on the map
  • For voice bots: synthesizes human-like speech based on pre-recorded audio
  • Recognizes both short answers ("yes/no", numbers) and fluent speech with slang, abbreviations, synonyms, and semantically close phrases

Truly multichannel

20 channels in one subscription

Messengers and social media

Messengers and social media

Voice assistants

Chat software


  • WhatsApp

  • Facebook

  • Viber

  • Facebook

  • Slack

  • Telegram

  • WeChat

  • Google Assistant

  • Salesforce

  • Vonage

  • Chat2Desk

  • Jivo Site

  • Aimybox

  • Chat Widget

  • Azure Bot

  • ZenDesk

  • ZenDesk Chat

  • Chat API

Build, test, improve, and deploy your AI agents live with JAICP

Comprehensive ecosystem and tools for all teams involved

Conversational AI development and implementation projects involve multiple teams with different requirements and needs. JAICP supports them all

  • Computational linguists
  • NLU engineers
  • Software testers
  • Business process automation teams
  • Project managers and analysts
  • Customer support
  • Fullstack, mobile, and chatbot developers

JAICP Pricing and Plans


For development and prototyping

100 unique users

100 minutes


For commercial use

Cloud and On-premise deployment options

Priority support

Contract payment

14-day free trial

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All plans include

Personal data protection

Data labeling

Several programming languages available

Integration with 20 channels

Speech recognition and synthesis with CAILA

Outbound and inbound calls

Dedicated telephone line

Call recording and transcription

Call test phone number

Calls API and NLU API

Developer community support